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 How to get access to the Private Forums:

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How to get access to the Private Forums: Empty
PostSubject: How to get access to the Private Forums:   How to get access to the Private Forums: Icon_minitimeMon Oct 13, 2008 11:50 pm

How to get access to the Nation Forums:

- Go to https://csnfantigua.1fr1.net/

- Click the “Register” button. You will now enter the registration process. First you will have to read and Agree to the terms of use.

-Here you need to fill out your username. This username must be your ingame name (including spaces, this will make it easier for us to recognize who you are). The e-mail you enter must be valid, or you will be unable to complete the registration. You can also change the Board language to French or Russian here. The rest of the fields are self-explantory and are all required.

- You will now have to check the given email address for an e-mail. In this e-mail you have to click a link in order to activate your account.

- After you have registered, you are now able to log in using your account. To make sure you are able to see the apropriate forums you will need to be added to the right usergroup. To do this, you have to apply to the usergroup of your society.

- First, go to the “Groups" and you will be given a list of all the usergroups. Select your society from the list and then click “Submit”.

Submitting access request
After you have created your account - gain access by submitting an access request in the "Access Request" thread. Post a screenshot for immidiate access - or if you cannot, we will find you in-game (if you have your in-game name as logon name) and verify you that way.

Once your nationality has been verified - you will be granted access.
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How to get access to the Private Forums:
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