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 Puerto Cabezas-Spain vs Brit--YEAH!!!

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Claude Zizou

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Puerto Cabezas-Spain vs Brit--YEAH!!! Empty
PostSubject: Puerto Cabezas-Spain vs Brit--YEAH!!!   Puerto Cabezas-Spain vs Brit--YEAH!!! Icon_minitimeTue Nov 04, 2008 5:26 am

Read it and enjoy.

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Puerto Cabezas Port Battle: 11/3/08
Britain attacks Spain. Spain keeps the port.

Britain (24): 5x Invincible (4 sunk), 1xPrince (1 sunk), 1xTriumphant (1 sunk), 3xValiant (2 sunk), 1xMC Couronne (1 sunk), 1xCouronne (1 sunk) 4x Mont Blanc (2 sunk), 4xReason (1 sunk), 4xMC Herc (2 sunk), 2xHeavy Herc (2 sunk) [17 sunk]
Spain (24): 1xPrince (1 sunk), 4xTrinity (3 sunk, 1 jumped), 4xTriumphant (4 sunk), 3xValiant (3 sunk), 1x Couronne (1 sunk), 1xArchelon (1sunk), 2xMont Blanc, 1xAlex (1 sunk), 1xReason, 4xMC Herc (2 sunk), 2xHeavy Herc (2 sunk) [19 sunk]

Map: Havana Harbor: Defender Wind

Both sides take door Three.

This is without a doubt the bloodiest battle I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of, but also one of the most enjoyable. British fleet exits from the north, expecting to have complete wind advantage. They are surprised to find the Spanish have full control of the wind and are bearing down on them. The fleets pass, and a British first rate is downed immediatly. Another British first goes down as two Spanish 2nds, a 3rd, and a Couronne sink. Several British are sunk as the spanish turn on their rear, but the British pull off a tack that allows them to gain the wind. The spanish break off, and there are no engagements for about ten minutes. At this point four spanish are down, and nine brits. The British form a static arc which prevents the Spanish from pushing in. Eventually the spanish go broadside to broadside with the Brits and three Spanish MC Hercs are sunk while pulling off, as well as a second rate. The Brits lose their only second at this point. The score is now 8 Spanish down and 10 Brits. The remnants of the Spanish light group come to one end of the British arc while the Spanish heavy group sits off to the east, outside of the passage through the easternmost islands. Superb British blocking forces the Spanish MC Herc group to retreat, and the Spanish main line engages. They are pushed south, and the lines close to about 200 yards. Several Spanish ships are boarded and sunk at this point (I myself boarded and sunk a Triumphant and a Valiant) and four Spanish seconds are sunk, as well as several minor ships. The British have lost several thirds, and two more firsts. After this point it becomes a complete melee. When I exit boarding with the Valiant, I am north of six Spanish and the six remaining Brits are to the south of them. I survive all the way to them, and am sunk just as I get a block . However, Garbad loses his Prince at this point as well . At this point the battle becomes a bit of a melee as it is now seven on seven. At this point two more spanish go down. The battle ends when the spanish time grief until past the time the town can be taken despite the fact that the door is open.
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Puerto Cabezas-Spain vs Brit--YEAH!!!
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