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 Conseil souverain de la nouvelle France : CSNF

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Conseil souverain de la nouvelle France : CSNF Empty
PostSubject: Conseil souverain de la nouvelle France : CSNF   Conseil souverain de la nouvelle France : CSNF Icon_minitimeWed Aug 27, 2008 9:44 pm

Alstriona wrote:

Conseil Souverain de la Nouvelle France


The CSNF is an organization made up of representatives from French Societies as well as Independent French Captains to facilitate communication and coordination amongst the French Nation in our common goals in the caribbean, be it of diplomatic, military or economic nature.


As a general rule, the CSNF's purpose is to aid & facilitate rather than enforce.

All of its members join with this knowledge and intentions and no action can be taken by this Council to police any player of the French nation in any form or means. Likewise, it does nor have the power or the mandate to force any French player or society in to military or economical action against their will.

Policing of individual society members remains an irrevocable responsibility of that society's leadership.

The CSNF only reserves the right to remove members from within itself by simple majority vote.


To facilitate in the organization and coordination of both defensive and offensive operations between French Societies in Port Contention.

To facilitate organization and coordination of trade and production operations amongst French Societies and Independent Merchants.

To facilitate in the diplomatic relations between France and other Nations or Factions, including establishment of possible Treaties. As well, to Facilitate in the communication and coordination of those diplomatic relations amongst French Societies and Independent Captains.


Discussion on various items pertaining to the purpose of the Council place in the Council's Chambers (On the Terra Nova Company Forums) and are put in application by general consensus, when consensus is unreachable a vote may be called for.


Background Reference

Originally an Idea put forth by KrisWood, the CSNF (Conseil Souverain de la Nouvelle France or Sovereign Council of New France), evolved thereafter from the combined contributions of many French Societies and Individuals. For the release, the idea was once again put to life by some French societies that had formed during beta or before release (Terra Nova Company was one of these). These societies intially wanted to start on the same server, however the majority wanted to go to an US server. Terra Nova decided to go to the european Roberts server and start the Conseil on this server as well. Even thought we are inspired by the conseil on the Rackham server, we are not associated with them. After the leave on Roberts, we decided to build a news forum for Antigua CSNF.

The name that is used here comes from actual History.


Sovereign Council of New France - Conseil Souverain de la Nouvelle France

The Sovereign Council of New France was a political body appointed by the King of France and consisting of a Governor General, an intendant and a bishop of the Roman Catholic Church. All were answering to the French Minister of the Marine. The members of the council were chosen as part of the French nobility.

The introduction of this government canceled the contract with the Compagnie de la Nouvelle France which apparently, had failed to organize the establishment of thousands of colonists in America.

The institution lasted from its introduction in 1663 to the fall of New France in 1760. Its last meeting occurred on April 28, 1760, day of the Battle of Sainte-Foy.

As soon as June 16, 1703, the King of France refers to the council as the Conseil Supérieur instead of the former Conseil Souverain.

It should also be noted that the term "Sovereign or Souverain", is used in its "Royal" meaning, and not in its "Independent" meaning of today.
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Conseil souverain de la nouvelle France : CSNF
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